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Daniel Paul Tammet,

Daniel Paul Tammet, matematik hesapları, hafızada tutma ve öğrenme konularında doğuştan yetenekli bir İngiliz otistik dahi. Doğuştan epilepsi hastalığı olan Tammet aynı zamanda siznestezi (renkli işitme) sahibi.Numaraları renkler gibi algılıyor ve kafasında her sayı için oluşturduğu bir görüntü mevcut. 10,000′e kadar olan sayılar için eşsiz görüntüleri olduğunu söyleyen dahi, yaptığı matematik işlemlerinin sonucunu manzaralar olarak gördüğünü ve bir sayının bileşik ya da asal olup olmadığını “hissettiğini” söylüyor.İngilizce, Fransızca, Fince, Almanca, İspanyolca, Litovca, Romence, Estonca, İzlandaca, Galce ve Esperanto dillerini biliyor. Özellikle sevdiği dil ise çok fazla ünlü harf barındırdığı için Estonca...
2004 yılında oxford universitesine gidip ben pi sayısını 22bin 500üncü rakamına kadar söyleyebilirim diye ortaya çıkıp, 5 buçuk saati aşkın bire süre rakamları sıralayarak gerçekten de hatasız sayabilen bir adam... 4 yaşından itibaren büyük sayılarla işlem yapmayı becerebilen, geçirdiği bir hastalık sonucunda beyninin sayılarla ilgili bölgesi ve şekillerle ilgili bölgesi (artık neler oluyorlar bilemiyorum) bir şekilde normal dışı bir etkileşime girmiş olabileceğinden (öyle diyorlar) rakamları bizim gördüğümüzden çok farklı, neredeyse manzara resimleri gibi, farklı ışık yoğunlukları, boyutlar, yüzeyler ve şekiller olarak görüyormuş, ve çarpımları yaparken de sayıları değil, bu manzaraları ve onların sonucundan doğan yeni manzarayı okuyormuş. mesela 9 rakamına uzun ve ürkütücü olabilen bir rakam diyor, 1 parlakmis, 6 cok kucukmus, o kadar ki zorlaniyormus gormekte, daha cok kara delik gibi seyleri 6 diye tanimliyormus vs. bunun disinda asal sayilar da bambaska bir goruntu canlandiriyormus zihninde, ve ozellikle asallari cok seviyormus bu sebepten. ayrica benzer bir beceriyle herhangi bir dili (ki mesela izlandaca gibi korkunc zor bir dili ogreniyor bu sekilde) 7 gun icinde konusabilecek hale gelebiliyormus mesela. ustune bir de, tum bunlarin yanisira, biraz yalniz gorunen, ama yine de gayet gunluk hayata uyum saglamis, sosyal anlamda iletisim problemlerinden tamamen kurtulmus bir ornek oldugu icin de arastirmacilarin ve genel olarak dunyanin hayret ettigi bir durum olarak ortaya cikmis.

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Early life

Tammet was born and raised in East London. He is the eldest of nine children. At four, he suffered epileptic seizures which he subsequently outgrew following medical treatment. He was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome (a high-functioning form of autism) by the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University at age twenty-five.
He was the subject of a documentary film in the UK entitled The Boy With The Incredible Brain, which was first broadcast on the British television channel Five on 23 May 2005.[1] The documentary showed his meeting with Kim Peek, a world famous savant. Peek is shown hugging Tammet telling him that "Some day you will be as great as I am", to which Tammet replies "That was a wonderful compliment, what an aspiration to have!"


When Tammet finished High School, instead of going to college like his parents had anticipated, he instead decided that he would rather begin looking for job opportunities, on the basis that he "was never comfortable with the idea of going on to university" [2]. He wanted to find a job which would allow him to retain an environment which was "structured, logical, and quiet" [2]. He ended up applying, and being accepted, to a youth branch of VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas). After one week's training at a retreat center in the English Midlands, he was given his assignment: an English-teaching placement in Lithuania, where he and an American Peace Corps volunteer by the name of Neil[3], work together to prepare and teach English lessons to Lithuanian women. It is also during this occupation that Tammet decides to learn Lithuanian, and asks the group's translator, Birutė, if she would teach him. She "was more than happy to teach me," Tammet remarks in his memoir, Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant[2]. After his job ended, one year later, he returned to his home town of London.
After his return to London, while he and his life partner Neil are living together, Tammet attempts to find a way in which he can produce revenue, so that he and Neil do not need to be as careful about their spending of money. He was interviewed for a position at the library office, but was turned down. Eventually, he and Neil decided to work together on an idea that Tammet had: to create an online language learning website, which Tammet named Optimnem. The website was a huge hit, and as of 2006, "is an approved member of the U.K.'s National Grid for Learning"[2], and is still an active site and source of income for Tammet today.


Tammet is well-known for his unusually vivid and complex synesthesia. In his mind, he says, each positive integer up to 10,000 has its own unique shape, colour, texture and feel. He can intuitively "see" results of calculations as synaesthetic landscapes without using conscious mental effort, and can "sense" whether a number is prime or composite. He has described his visual image of 289 as particularly ugly, 333 as particularly attractive, and pi as beautiful. The number 6 apparently has no distinct image.[2][4] Tammet has described 25 as energetic and the "kind of number you would invite to a party".[5] Tammet not only verbally describes these visions, but has also created artwork: including a watercolour painting of Pi.


Tammet holds the European record for reciting pi from memory to 22,514 digits in five hours and nine minutes.[6] This sponsored charity challenge was held in aid of the National Society for Epilepsy (NSE) on “Pi Day”, 14 March 2004, at the Museum of the History of ScienceOxford, UK.[7] The NSE was chosen to benefit from this event because of Tammet's experience with epilepsy as a young child. Professor Allan Snyder at the Australian National University said of Tammet: "Savants can't usually tell us how they do what they do. It just comes to them. Daniel can describe what he sees in his head. That's why he's exciting. He could be the 'Rosetta Stone'."[8]

[edit]Language abilities

Tammet can learn new languages very quickly. To prove this for a documentary film, Tammet was challenged to learn Icelandic in one week. Seven days later he appeared on Icelandic television conversing in Icelandic, with his Icelandic language instructor saying it was "not human" and "genius!". Segments of the interview showing Tammet responding to questions in Icelandic were televised on the 28 January 2007 edition of the CBS news magazine60 Minutes.[4]
Tammet states in "Born On A Blue Day" that he speaks ten languages including: EnglishFrenchFinnishGermanSpanishLithuanianRomanianIcelandicWelsh, and Esperanto.
He particularly likes Estonian, because it is rich in vowels. Tammet (the surname is Estonian) is creating a new language called Mänti. Mänti has many features related to Finnish and Estonian, both of which are Finno-Ugric languages. Some sources credit Tammet as creating the Uusisuom and Lapsi languages as well.[9]


"Born On A Blue Day," Tammet's memoir of a life with high-functioning autistic savant syndrome, received international media attention and critical praise. Booklist's Ray Olson stated that Tammet's autobiography was "as fascinating as Benjamin Franklin's and John Stuart Mill's" and that Tammet wrote "some of the clearest prose this side of Hemingway". Kirkus stated that the book "transcends the disability memoir genre". Other reviewers praised Tammet for his "elegant," "eloquent," and "engaging" style.
In 2007, Tammet traveled to the United States to promote his memoirBorn on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant.[2] Tammet was born on a Wednesday, a day he perceives as the colour blue. While on his U.S. book tour, he appeared on several television and radio talk shows and specials, including 60 Minutes and Late Show with David Letterman.[2] In February 2007 Born on a Blue Day was serialised as BBC Radio 4's Book of the Week in the United Kingdom. He describes his meeting with Kim Peek, upon whom Rain Man was based, as one of the happiest moments of his life. They connected when they made calculations using each others birth dates, and instantly got the correct answers.
Tammet's second book Embracing the Wide Sky[10] attempts to shed light on the mystery of savants' mental abilities. Tammet argues that the differences between savant and non-savant minds have been exaggerated.

[edit]Personal life

Tammet met his first life partner, software engineer Neil Mitchell, in 2000. Tammet lived with him in Kent, where they had a quiet regimented life at home with their cats, preparing meals from their garden.[11][12] Tammet and Mitchell operated the online e-learning company Optimnem, where they created and published language courses. Tammet was open about his relationship with Mitchell, whom he described as "the love of his life."[13][14]
Tammet however now lives with a new partner, Jérôme, a 29-year-old photographer whom he met while promoting his autobiography. Although he has said that he did not think he would be here if it were not for the love and support of Mitchell, more recently he noted that he used to live a rigid existence aimed at calming his many anxieties "I was very happy, but it was a small happiness" whereas now, as the subtitle of Embracing the Wide Sky: A tour across the horizons of the mind asserts, he believes that we ought to seek to liberate our brains - a belief reflected in his new life:[15]
My life used to be very simple and regimented but since then I have travelled constantly and given lots of lectures and it just changed me...It made me much more open, much more interested in, I guess, the full potential of what my mind could do...Because of that change I grew and in a sense I grew apart from my long-term partner, so we parted amicably in 2007, and a short while later I met my current partner, who is from France so I decided to go and live with him in Avignon.

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